Diagnostics, artificial limbs, humor: neurotechnologies that Skoltech is already introducing into our life

Neuroscience that Skoltech is already introducing into our life

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Neuroscience is called the new cosmos. Like half a century ago, during the space race, in the process of solving some problems, unexpected breakthroughs occur in others, and the potential of research leads one to believe in the most fantastic predictions. Men’s Health studied the current state of neuroscience in Russia and abroad, met with leading scientists, and also learned how breakthroughs in this area will affect our health in the near future.

September appearance of Ilona Mask in the podcast by American comedian Joe Rogan has already gone down in history. The softest definition is eccentric. Musk live grass smoked, drank whiskey and made statements, after which Tesla shares fell by 6%. Behind all the strange flair of a spectacular appearance in the public space, the essence of the things said by the businessman was a little lost. Meanwhile, it was on the Rogan show that Musk made some rare remarks about his Neuralink project: “In a few months we will be able to tell something interesting. It is at least several times better than anything that already exists. I think it’s even better than anyone thinks possible. ”

Neuralink is developing a technology that will bring people and computers together, creating a symbiosis of the human brain and artificial intelligence. “This will allow everyone to get superhuman perception,” the businessman said and explained life (before he ignited the roll-up) that, in his opinion, we are already partially cyborgs, because our smartphones actually work as a continuation of us, expanding our knowledge.

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The current task of Neuralink, as stated by Elon Musk, is to expand the channel of data exchange between our biological bodies and digital entities, and in the future to give people eternal life. “If your biological entity dies, there will be an opportunity to load yourself into a new body,” said Musk.