Syktyvkar youth told about free relationships, sex on the first date and cheating

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Couples shared what they lack in intimate relationships
Israeli psychologists have conducted a study and found that sex on the first date brings together a romantic couple and strengthens her relationship. But do they also consider Syktyvkar residents? The correspondent of the portal communicated with the youth of the city and learned that boys and girls think about free relations, threesome, and cheating.

What is the imprint on the relationship between boys and girls imposes modernity? Syktyvkar residents tried to answer this question. They are confident that sex should be treated more easily and try to realize all their desires, even while in a relationship. In turn, psychologist Kristina Sokolova explained why relations between young people in the modern world have changed.

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How do current youth relate to free relationships? Do the rules of the game accept or refuse such an experiment? Syktyvkartsy told what I think about this.

– Free relationships – something that I will never try. After all, you must share your loved one with others, and from this, I will slowly begin to “die.” It seems to me that even if my peers try a similar style of relationships – in the end, one of them will definitely fall in love. But is it worth waiting for reciprocity? I do not think. But I don’t mind that in our society there are couples who adhere to such a connection because this is their business, ”says 21-year-old student Svetlana Kirillova.

– In general, in my life, there were no such examples. But I think I would try. Rejecting all the condemnations of society, I could try to be free in my choices and desires. And I have a familiar couple who openly talk about their free relations, ”says the 23-year-old manager Oksana Dmitrenko.