Why does the penis look that way, and men do not have multiple orgasms?

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The book “If our bodies could talk. The Guide to the Operation and Maintenance of the Human Body by James Hamblin gives us answers not only to the burning questions in the headline but also to other equally interesting questions: Can we learn to sleep less? Does alcohol really kill brain cells? Why is there no viagra for women?

Why does the penis look that way?

The question of why the trunk and head of the penis are much larger than the same parts of the clitoris has long been a subject of curiosity. The book that laid important? the way to understand why the penis has a bulbous bulge? forms on the head of the penis, instead of just being a cylinder or a conic tank? Forms, like tacos ?, which is used in artificial insemination, is the book of journalist Jesse Bering Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That? (“Why does the penis have such a shape?”). In this? the book he describes the theory of sperm release.

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Anyone ?, who has spent at least a few minutes on the YouTube channel, knows that many animals have penises. However, few of them use the penis as insistently and aggressively as a man. Partly progressive movement explained by tradition? and the lack of men ingenuity. Partly our physiology requires just such a movement ?.

Why are both men and women nice when the penis goes back and forth? Why should a man not act like a lion: stand still and just allow the penis to remain inside until he does his job and produces sperm?

The explanation here is probably the same as for the shape of the head of the penis. Sperm release theory states that the Corolla and coronoid groove of the head of the penis, in combination with repeated shocks, are used to push sperm out of the vagina. But why? According to that? the reason why? do men do many different things ?: mating is a rivalry. Another man’s sperm may have recently got into this vagina? specifically? women. Therefore, in front of a man? and his penis is a twofold task: to put inside his own sperm and in the process to remove the sperm of a stranger.

If there were physiological? the argument against monogamy, it could just be the theory of sperm release.

According to her? larger? Does the penis have a romantic advantage? the reason: does it produce a more effective shovel for removing strangers? sperm

Psychologist Gordon Gallup of the University of Albany checked the mechanics of this? theories. No, he did not make the subjects have unprotected ones? sex with multiple partners in a row. He used prosthetic penis. And he came to the conclusion that the mechanism works.